49 Istanbul Summer 2016 1 1 - Tatil ile İlgili E-Posta Yazısı (İngilizce)

Tatil ile İlgili E-Posta Yazısı (İngilizce)

İngilizce olarak e-posta yazısı

Dear John,

I stayed in İstanbul for a week.I was a bit tired after the journey.I went sightseeing around İstanbul last Monday,but I forgot my map so I got lost.I took a taxi back to the hotel and it was very exprensive,but I saw lots of interesting places.Everywhere really colourful and beautiful so I took lots of photos.Last Tuesday,I went to the beach because I love swimming.Last Wednesday,I stayed in the hotel because the weather was very bad.Last Tursday,I went to the shopping mall and I bought Adele’s new album,Also I went to the Dolmabahçe Palace because I like to visit historical places.Last Friday,I went to the cinema because I wanted to watch a horror movie.Last Saturday,I met my friends.We went to the cinema and shopping mall.We had so much fun.I ate at a local restaurant every night because the food was very delicious.I decided tos tay here for another week.

See you soon.


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Özkan Taşlı
Özkan Taşlı
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